No problem. I feel very honored and happy to practice Mandarin with you. Actually, my Mandarin is not very good, and I need to improve it further. There are also cross-country activities in China, but I have never participated in them. In my opinion, people who like cross-country should be young and middle-aged private bosses because they have money and time. As far as I know, there is an organization called Cross-Country E-Family in China. Even in my city, you can often see a Jeep with a sticker from the organization. Tires with this kind of car are usually relatively wide and off ground clearance of the off-roading car is very high, so they have good pass-abilities. No matter what it is, it seems like the wild-grown ones are always better than those of artificially cultivated ones. The former tastes good and is nutritious. Take peaches, for example, the peaches I ate when I was young were mature naturally. Their core was mature and hard. You can easily break up the two petals of flesh, and moreover, the core and the flesh could be separated perfectly. But now, you will never find such peaches. China has many blueberry products and merchants publicize them beautifully. But I still can't remember whether I have eaten it or not and it is hard to see it in fruit shops on ordinary days. I will find some videos of Chinese off-road activities and send them to you for you to enjoy.
Jun 22, 2021 4:17 PM