Day 12 Today I was playing Football Manager and tell you a bit about my playthrough. So I am a manager of Karpaty Lviv and this season I played in the group stage of Champions League for the first time. I got a very tough group - with Celtic, Tottenham and Bayern. My debute in CL happened at home ground against Bayern. Before the match I was absolutely sure that I had no chance. There were worlds class players in Bayern squad. My players were just OK for Ukrainian Premier League. So the game started. I played with my favorite formation 4-2-3-1 with gegenpressing. Bayern attacked a lot at the beginning, but I managed to fend off. Later my boys got the ball and started to control the game. I was getting really good chances to score. A bit later my left forward did it. There was 1-0 on the scoreboard. But ten minutes later I conceded after a stupid cross. But the initiative was still mine and Karpaty was bombarding oppositions goal. The first half ended 1-1. In the second half things didn't change - I was dominant, but could not score. In a rare contr attack Bayern got a set piece. They scored after another stupid cross. But the Green Lions didn't stop. They were still dominant. And on the edge of the second half my left forward scored for the first time!! In five minutes match was over, and I got so surprising draw!!
Dec 12, 2020 8:29 PM
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You know what you should do with Tottenham, don't?
December 12, 2020