Day 12. ¡Hola! Ok, I completely stole this theme from my favourite YouTube channel about studying Spanish - Español con Juan. It's funny thing but we often study languages to understand another culture. Because it's really interesting things: another mentality, another traditions, another lifestyle. But for me it is as much fascinating to find unexpected similarities with another culture. Not a long time ago me and my friends discussed seeds of sunflower. It's a really big part of Russian food habits, one part of people like it, another part hate it with the people who eat it. I read one, I think, English rating of the food which people eat at the stadiums. For Russian they chose seeds of sunflower. I don't think so to be honest, but I rare guest at Russian stadiums. There is a prejudice in Russian society that seeds of sunflower constantly eat lower class youth people which we call 'гопники' something close to English 'chav'. It's not true. But what amused us in this situation, that we couldn't find another word for 'ceмки' (I apologise for this word) than 'seeds of sunflower'. Just translate it directly - 'seeds of sun flower'. And then I watched a whole video on Juan's chanell which he entirely dedicated to... 'Las pipas'. Gosh ¡Esto es genial! I can't imagine better translation. I was actually surprised that the spaniards have this habit too. I'm personally never buy 'seeds of sunflower' but when I come to my mother's house I can 'steal' a bit, and then a bit again, and again. It's really impossible to stop. Next time I'll be in Spain (I'll hope pandemic ends up soon) I'll definitely try local 'pipas'. It's interesting to compare. Happy Sunday everyone!
Dec 12, 2020 8:32 PM