Flower. It is tradescantia spathacea, or it's called also Moses-in-the-cradle. I have six pots with this herb at home))) Some of them blossom from time to time, and one of them do it constantly 🥰 This plants have gorgeous leaves with green topside and purple underside. About a year ago I brought one pot to home from work. Because my colleagues was draining coffee out to it all the time. When I asked them stop doing this, both of them was swearing that they never draining anything to the pot. I couldn't see as one of my favourite plant rot off and I decided to take it home. I planted it out in six different pots with rich soil and my lovely herbs became alive 😍. And now I have six strong and beautiful plants. I the spring I am going to change their pots to bigger ones.
Dec 12, 2020 9:47 PM