Day 11 — December, 11th I don't know what to write about once again😲 I'll post the correct answer to the question from the previous post then. Congratulations to @slicedise1986, she almost got to the bottom of it😁 Let me remind you that in addition to the wonderful original version by #fredastaire and #gingerrogers, there's a very peculiar #cover from the equally great @louisarmstrongofficial and @firstladyofsong😍: What else… I upgraded the job task given to me. I just needed to add several properties to an order entity of one of the sites' #db to log the dates of transition to their respective statuses. In addition, in each case, I added an array in #json format with the history of previous transitions to the status associated with the property in a field of a description of the property value😎 Look forward to Monday to find out how my direct management'll react to my #initiative. #moreфон_italki #фредастер #джинжерроджерс #кавер #луиармстронг #эллафицджеральд #бд #инициатива
Dec 12, 2020 10:44 PM