Day 13 /30 Ritual. Hello guys, today I tell you about my daily ritual. I think most of us have the same morning hubit. I'm saying about coffee ☕☕ I love smell of coffee! Every single morning I make a big cup of coffee 👌 I usually do it myself. My husband presented to me a coffee machine and since that time I can enjoying this wonderful opportunity ☺️. Another ritual which not only me but and all my family have is "take a moment before we/you go" | "let's seat down before starting the journey" | "let's take a seat before starting the journey" ( sorry, so many examples,I don't know how to say correctly) what I mean ,I don't know it's usually only for Russian people or other cultures have the same ritual ,but in my family if you're going to have vocation or some trip ( usually you're going to leave your house more then 2 days) before you need to seat . When we do it we believe that after that everything will be okay or better ☺️
Dec 13, 2020 2:46 PM
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Hi how are you i hope for you to have a good day
December 13, 2020