Hey! I’m Harley My native languages are ASL & ENGLISH. I would like to be fluent and learn multiple languages but I’m very passionate about Spanish. Ive wanted to learn for years off and on and I’m really dedicated and need help. I can help you with English as well.
Dec 13, 2020 7:42 PM
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Quiero aprender inglés ablo español
December 16, 2020
Hi, I'm from Spain and I'm interested in practicing my english. We could help to each other in both languages if you want.
December 15, 2020
I’m Brigham , I’m an aspiring Polyglot too. I Teach High School Mandarin and have tutored Spanish Online before too. I love getting to know new people and I am Learning mg ASL now so if you are willing to do exchanges let me know. 434-238-0707(ASL for Spanish or Mandarin)
December 20, 2020
Hi. I Spanish native speaker. I have studied English for 2 year but I can’t speak well.actually I am University study So I dominate very well the Spanish’s rules. If You want to help you send me a message.
December 13, 2020