Day 14. On Saturday, we played a new game which is called 'Erica'. Well, actually it wasn't a standard game, it was a movie with real actors but we could control some of their actions, answers and decisions. I thought it's going to be like 'Bandersnatch', an interactive episode in 'Black Mirror' series where you could choose character's answers and decisions, but it was much more interactive, you needed to light the lighter, open drawers and etc. And honestly it distracts me from the plot when it was my turn to play (we used my phone as a controller and we played one after another, there were 4 people including me). After we had finished I had only one thought: 'What the heck was that?!'. At first I thought the problem was in me because I felt sleepy and tired. But my friends said: 'Let's watch the explanation in YouTube' and I realised that the problem was really in the game, the plot is pretty complicated and puzzle-headed. I asked them not to watch the explanation because I'm going to play it again later, probably in English. Hopefully I'll understand more. In general I like interactive video games/movies. My favorite one is 'Until dawn', I played it 3 times, twice with friends and once alone in English. I like the plot, atmosphere and actors. You can see there Rami Malek and Hayden Pannettiere, they provided motion capture and voice acting. All of characters can die or survive, it depends on your actions. Also there are some cool and unexpected twists. Highly recommended if you like thrillers🖤Both games we played on PS4.
Dec 14, 2020 10:40 AM