Carolina Vais
Day 14. Whining I can be described just to one word whining. I hope, I am whining only in this period of the year, but I can make mistakes. What I exactly know, one person, who read this, has another opinion. Some extent he'll be right, because I would hardly stand it. Of course, it's the worst thing we can do in a difficult situation. And I understand this perfectly. But to change this feature in itself is not easy. I think, whining is connected with low self-esteem. Whining doesn't give us to does not allow us to carry out our plans. Then, if we want to be better like now, we must leave off whining. The first step to this is to stop spending a lot of time online. When we compare ourselves with others, we do not increase self-esteem. For example, when we  browse instagram, we can see beautiful, skinny girls, and after this we compare yourself with those girls (from photo sessions), and our self-esteem is falling.People must compare themselves with themselves in past, and it's all
Dec 14, 2020 11:42 AM