Today is a great day, a day of a dying hair:) I have died my hair with henna for about 15 years. Two months ago I decided to have my hair cut, I visited two hairdressers and both of them said me that the colour is great but my hair too coarse, and they convinced me that it because of henna. They said that it's better use special hair dye. I remember all this horrible stories about girls who changed henna for chemical hair dye. As I remember all of them got awful colour, in most cases this colour was green. 😱 Several years ago at beauty market appeared ammonium free hair dyes.My hairdresser said that with this dye I can bee sure in result. So I have bought everything for this process 😃 and today is time to get to know, whether hairdressers were right 🤣 Glad to say that the result is great)) everything is expectable) P.S. one of the hairdressers cut my hair in an awful way. I was constantly wearing a cap for two weeks 🤣
Dec 14, 2020 9:25 PM