Kornel Kwiatkowski
A lot of people say the programmers are a humans spend most of the time on coding and don't meet with people. It isn't true. Nowadays soft skills are very important in IT. I would like to show you my sybjective list of the most important soft skills at work as a programmer. 1. Teamwork It is the foundation of the efficient functioning of every company and team. The more heads you think about something, the better the results. There are no perfect and infallible people in the world, everyone makes mistakes, which is why code review is a good practice. It is worth checking each other's code fragments, even if there is no such common practice in the workplace. 2. Communication: incorrect information flow and general communication difficulties can cause great damage to projects. All this wastes time, money and, most of all, worsens the atmosphere in the team. Therefore communication skills are very important 3. Sharing knowledge: Every project is people with different knowledge. Sharing this knowledge is very good practice. this speeds up the learning process for younger team members. Keeping knowledge to yourself with the thought that it will make you better than others does not really pay off. Mentoring and helping the less experienced is a true sign of professional maturity, technological leadership and senior level. These are the three basic soft skills of a good programmer that I wanted to write about. By following them, you can significantly improve your company's performance.
Dec 14, 2020 10:09 PM