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Hi! I share with you another little part of my country's history. About the god Quetzalcoatl (Part 3). (Sorry for my level of English.) #QuetzalcoatlRules #PrehispanicGods But the god Tezcatlipoca, his brother, wasn't happy with his attitude, so he devised a perverse plan to destroy his image. One day, Tezcatlipoca disguised himself as an old man and brought a gift to Quetzalcoatl, who received it with great pleasure and humility, seeing that it was a maguey that emanated an exquisite liquid. However, Quetzalcoatl did not know that this delicious liquid was the "octli" or "pulque", an intoxicating drink that had not been discovered. Quetzalcoatl drank it with great pleasure, he drank and sang like never before. He was so amazed and ecstatic, that he gave to Quetzalpetatl, a priestess of his cult, with carnal desires, as a woman, breaking his celibacy. The next morning he felt unclean and took the most difficult resolution of his life, for he was no longer worthy to lead Tollan. He went to the sea, built a boat with snakes and sailed to where the sun sets, promising the Toltecs that he would return in a year "Ce Ácatl" to return to Tollan to avenge that betrayal. Coincidentally, that same pre-Hispanic year corresponded to the year 1519 of our era, the year the first Spaniards arrived along the same coast where Quetzalcoatl disappeared. On the other hand and according to some historians, the representations of Quetzalcoatl show him as a white, tall and bearded man. For what it is assured that this personage could have been real, being a Viking that arrived to the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and that time later the Toltecs turned him into their god, for all the new knowledge that he instilled in them. Thanks for read this little part of a great history.
Jun 13, 2021 10:26 PM
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I read all of them. It was fascinating. Thank you.
Jun 13, 2021 10:39 PM
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