Day 168/365 Hi there! I'm at work now and I'm waiting next pupil. I'm thinking about my mom, because she has a surgery today. Our time zones are different, ( we have different time zone) that's why I don't know anything about how is she... Her surgery must begin at about 10 or 11a.m ,maybe a little bit later. But she'll have a general anaesthetic,so she need more time after that... I know, everything will be ok, but I'm still worry about it.. I hope I can have some information about her this evening. Last night was difficult for me, I slept bad. We've broken our sleeping habit(routine),so now we have less energy. I'm going to try go to bed earlier. I didn't do English grammar today, just repeat vocabulary through the program. I checked some feedback here, and I've found out some useful information. I'm going to write down these words in my dictionary. It's still very humid and wet. Walking more than 30 minutes is impossible now. Fortunately, we have an air-conditioner at home. It has some disadvantages,but it helps us a lot!
Jun 17, 2021 9:26 AM