Solar day 12/30       Hey y'all. Yes, I'm a plant. Today, I'm fixing to save the day because my man has got writer's block. Using my mental ability I can put my story on  Instagram. My name is Universe. It's a really deep name. My name consists of two words. The first word is "Uni". The word "Uni" comes from Latin and means "one". The second word is "verse". It comes from the word "versity" that means a collection of varieties. Let's sum up, I'm one petit tree, but I contain a slew of leaves and flowers. Yeah… I'm Universe.      Actually, there should be a peanut cactus because my stories pales in comparison to its. However, the cactus bailed on me. Yesterday my man read an insane article about cacti. Now he thinks that all cacti are able to produce tunas (small berries). As a result, the cactus is scared shitless, and it has got a writer's block now too.
Dec 12, 2020 5:32 PM