Cyrill Human
Day 12 In the previous post I was telling an army story how I went for burritos and got caught. So after balaklava guys with ak-47 came for us, we almost shat our pants. It'd never happened with anyone before. We were so scared. They took us to our captain. Judging by a bottle of Jack Daniel's on his table, he was quite drunk. He offered us to hold on to a couple of heavy kettlebells, as punishment. He talked about what rules we broke and yada yada yada. Occasionally, we would see someone coming in and out of the room. Every time the door would open, we saw a long line of our soldier mates, doing push ups and jumping jacks. That was a punishment for the our whole group. They always did that thing - punishing everyone for mistake of one person. Unfair but effective. So here we go, standing before our shouting captain and getting rebuked, I still can't understand how the heck I ended up in that situation. Before me on the table, there were burritos which I didn't eat (I was vegetarian at the time), soda which I didn't drink, and cigarettes which I didn't smoke. The only reason I went in the first place was that I was curious how it was done to buy all this stuff. I felt like the unluckiest guy in the world. I went once and got caught immediately. Curiosity killed the cat, I guess😄 This incident actually had a happy ending. I guess, due to our captain's drunkness, he let us to eat all that we bought in the common canteen with our fellow mates. Some would say we got away with murder. I'd say we got away with a plastic bag of burritos😂 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 12, 2020 10:51 PM