Hi,everyone!I am Zoe from China,and I wanna improve and polish my English skill.I am a native Chinese speaker,so I will help you with Chinese as well if you want to learn more about Chinese.It would be better if we could pratice daily and regularly.Send me a message!!🙂🙂
Dec 13, 2020 3:58 PM
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Of course,Can I chat with you? Because I am interested to know about you,your country & Culture. I hope,You will agree with me.
December 14, 2020
Great! How do you prefer to practice?
December 13, 2020
I can’t speak every day, maybe weekly in the evening at around 7 or 8pm. If you are interested send me a message.
December 13, 2020
Hi Zoe, I'm a Vietnamese native speaker and I would love to learn Chinese as well. As for English, my level is C1 and I think I am able to speak daily conversations. If you are interested, please DM me 😚
December 13, 2020