"Español/English or Español/Russian exchange once a week. Hi, there! I am looking for a Spanish speaker (Mexico or L.America) who is learning English(A1-С1) or Russian(A1-С2). - I am interested in a language exchange 30min-30min once a week. - I would love to talk on 1 topic at a time. We could choose it a week before the meeting: Films Books Traveling Likes/Dislikes/Preferences Culture differences Memories Hobbies Everyday life etc - We prepare questions before the meeting (you for me/ I for you) and help each other with the words and ideas. We find information (videos/texts) and prepare it before our meeting (in a Google doc). - I take notes in Google docs if you want to see the corrections after our meeting. If you have a real aim to pass an exam, to practice your grammar, to enrich your vocabulary let me know, I can help you with English or Russian. We can revise all Grammar Tences as well."
Dec 13, 2020 7:06 PM