Nadja Varg
Day 14 of #moreфон2020 I was waiting for this day since the beginning on this marathon. Because the topic of the day is "whining" and I think am a professional in this activity. I try not to, but often I just can't stop myself. I'm most cases all I need is distraction and work is perfect for it. There is other side, I can start whining about something I do at work 😂. So basically there is no escape. Today I'm coming back to Moscow and this post was written in the train. Today is going to be very long, but all activities are important. 2 doctors, one of them is dentist and I'm so happy that I finally visit him, because he was I'll for last couple of weeks and my appointment was postponed 2 times. The picture is just the picture. My recent tattoo. Love it.
Dec 14, 2020 5:02 AM