Day 14 I promised you to tell about my game against Spurs. Tottenham had many superstars in the squad as Kane and Ziech, so I didn't think that I could get even a draw in that match. I played on home ground so I had to play for my beloved fans. The game started pretty badly - Kane scored on second minute! But my right forward Marjan Shved scored Robben - like goal in the next attack. So I even didn't have time to be upset. But Spurs didn't stop. They were very intense and my players weren't ready for that. In the middle of the first half Kane scored the second goal. I thought that it was the end. But after that my boys had gotten the ball and started to control the match. Spurs did not have any opportunities to score, but I had some good ones. In the second half things were the same - I had moments and controlled the game. Soon I get a opportunity to score - Bernardo Silva had fouled in his own box I got a chance to score the penalty. Shwed successfuly did it. My pressure on Spurs didn't stop. I was creating a lot of opportunities. After on of them a young forward that came from my academy scored after assist from Shwed. There was not much going on until the end, so I beat Tottenham! In another game in my group Bayern drew Celtic, so after 3 games I hold the first place in my group!! See you around!!
Dec 14, 2020 9:21 PM
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It it 2024 year. Rafa Benitez manage them. P. S. And what kind of Karpaty they are, if they play CL?)))
December 14, 2020
What kind of Tottenham is that??? Ziech?? Bernardo Silva??? Is it Parallel Univers?? But in the end congratulations!!!
December 14, 2020