Day 15. ¡Hola! A friend of mine is a medic. I remember when she was at the university she studied Latin because lots of medical terms came from Latin. And I thought if Spanish is a vulgar Latin inheritor may be I could understand more in medical terms too. Fist word came to mind is 'la mano' which means 'the hand'. We have 'мануальный терапевт' in Russian, a doctor who use his hands to correct the spine. By the way I've just thought about word 'манускрипт' and yes, it literally means 'написанное рукой'. Anothet word I picked up from twitter, it was several weeks before Diego Maradona died (still difficult to believe). The word is 'el cerebro' which means 'brain'. Now I understand a bit what 'церебральный паралич' ('cerebral paralysis' in English) means. One more word is 'coágulo' which means 'clot' ('сгусток', 'тромб'). In my favourite series 'House M.D.' I heard many times the word 'anticoagulants'. Anticoagulants are medicines that prevent the blood from clotting. In Russian it's sounds the same - 'антикоалугянты'. But I remembered one word from Latin. It was 'cranium' which means 'scull'. So I could suggested how to say 'scull' in Spanish. Yes, just put 'o' at the end. That's it. Cráneo. Have a great day.
Dec 15, 2020 3:34 PM