Svetlana Egof
#day16 #moreфон2020 #english Surprise! I love surprises and I love take care of my friends and family I like surprising them! I like giving presents more than taking its. I feel like Santa Claus. 😁 But there is a problem. I am so afraid that the gift will not be liked and I can ask kinda: "what would you like to get?" but I guess, in such situations the person have already known about gifts and this story is not about surprises. I am in doubt. On the other hand, the most important thing is attention. Sometimes I can send all my friends a message with good wishes and I feel connected to them in such moments. I also really like to get a message from my old friends. I have a great friend from Germany, who sent me a postcard from Amsterdam when he traveled. Guys, this is something amazing, be sure to send each other postcards! And I read this small crazy rhyme and miss summer 💚 and on another side is example how I read books in English 📖📚 😑
Dec 16, 2020 8:16 AM
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Have a good day
December 16, 2020