Day 16/30 Surprise. Oh 😅 I really love surprise 🤩💖 and I like to do it for my close friends or family 😊. I'm so happy when I see that my surprise has done and had success 😌 . This emotion incredible. Last of my surprise was in February 2019 for my mother. Maybe you remember,or if not I repeat . Now my husband and I are working in China. It's not news that last winter was very diffecult and nervous time in China. Our work stopped, but we didn't go to Russia like usually, because we didn't know how we can return back to China, our winter holiday it's not so long ( only 2 weeks). So, we waited but it bigen to was really difficult... We couldn't get outside, all was closed, special cars go during the city and use loud voice to explain what to do, it looked like a horrible movie.. In this way one month was finished. One day we suddenly decided to go home in Russia. We bought ticket in one way, and we did it... We didn't say anything our parents, we told with them like usually ( use some app ,like WeChat, Skype, what's App) ... It was about 9 a.m. we moved to my hometown, I called my mother and had conversation with her ,then I knocked the door 😂🚪 ..oh you can't imagine her 👀😈 she had sillend a few minutes,than she started to tell me how I could keep this secret 🤭😂🙈 she couldn't believe her eyes 🤣 but she was so happy 😁!!! And me too 😜 I wish you have or make good surprise for each other! It's so wonderful and so invaluable! especially nowdays.
Dec 16, 2020 2:39 PM