16/30 I have been learning Polish just for a month and I have forgotten about that fact how is difficult to learn languages in the begging. I have already gotten such things that I will never be able to speak in Polish or understand it because I don’t see any results or why I need it? I try to keep me motivated because the language will open more opportunities in my life as an additional education and a chance to get a practice in logistics. I have decided to spend an year for this language and reach B2 level. Polish is similar to my native language and I hope I will have reached it by December 2021. From the 1st December I started to learn every day 10 phrases or small sentences by using flash cards in AnkiApp. I have already created and learned 207 card. Besides this I have taken 5 classes on Italki and have found a partner for a language exchange who I have spoken two times.
Dec 16, 2020 3:59 PM
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December 16, 2020