Hey y'all. Solar day 16/30.                       China      Four months ago, my sister had a birthday. She asked me to buy her a new purse. She showed me a shop where I could buy the purse. Definitely, I couldn't say no. However, I decided to buy it from China because I had some time before her birthday. Maybe, the purse from China was a knockoff because it was a way chipper. I thought it was the gratest bank for the buck. Using Aliexpress I ordered it. Yeah, I'm a bad brother.       After two weeks of waiting, I got the parcel from China. But, inside of the parcel wasn't the purse. There was a toilet seat cover (you can see it in the photo).  Long story short, I went to the store in my town and buy the purse. As a result, my sister was happy.       Actually, I love buying some things from China. It's like a lottery. You always don't know what could be inside the parcel.
Dec 16, 2020 4:22 PM