Cyrill Human
Day 16 Bargaining. The other day I was selling a camera on Avito (Russian eBay). Everything went on well. But sometimes some sly people would text me like that: "I'll take your camera for less money". My answer was always the same "I don't bargain". Some people would come to my house and try to haggle with me. Even though, we'd never discussed it before. It's my principle. I don't cut down the price just because of it. I could do that only in two cases: my goods have some faults or I need the money urgently. Have you ever been to a Russian bazaar market? Everybody bargains there. "Hello, beautiful lady, buy this silk scarf, it would match perfectly with your eyes." Says a man to a passing woman. "How much?" she asks. "300" he says, checking the tag. "I'll take it for 200" she tries to lowball him. "Sold" he says, not even thinking about it. It's like you walk into an iPhone store and say "I'll take this $799 iPad for $499, thank you very much. It would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? I think this old-fashioned practice should finally die. I've never understood why people do that. If there's a price, take or leave. Don't make a scene. It looks like a circus. What do you think? Do you haggle yourself? #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 16, 2020 10:54 PM