Day 17/30 Pet In my childhood, I had a pet. It's the cat. Probably, most of as have or had cat or dog. I remember how my dad bring brought him to house. It was so small, cute and scared ball of wool, which wanted to hide and to eat. He was part of our family. I know that in general "animals" describes as "it", but I can't use it for him. He had a white fur and only ends of years and tail had orange color. He was very kind and never was angry. He extreamly liked jump out from any corner and run away =D Unfortunately, cats life to short. He died when he was... about years old, I don't remember exactly. Since that time I have never have any pet.
Dec 17, 2020 5:29 PM
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If you know the gender of the animal or if it is your animal you can say he/she, it is correct
December 17, 2020