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Hey there!😊 I haven't been posting for a while as I had a lot of homework assignments that had to be done. I haven't finished them yet, actually, but I'm making progress. I'm going to give you a quick update about my learning experience. Recently I decided to start watching TED talks again (It used to be my habit but I dropped it as I was interested in other interesting projects). And I have to say, they're incredibly inspiring! Even though there's a pile of textboks in front of me that I have to read and a bunch of things I have to do, I feel extremely excited! I'm ready to absorb all the information I'm given and work on my English, internalizing rules and learning new vocab. These video also teach you how to prioritize things properly, which is so important. So, in my opinion, it's an indispensable resource for everyone who learns English :) Listening is such an important aspect which can't be omitted. "TED talks" youtube channel will, definetely, help you with that. I highly recommend you start watching them as soon as possible :)) In general, I keep working on my English. I hope in a long-term perspective it's going to pay off and I'll see results!
Dec 17, 2020 9:17 PM
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I love Ted talk. Especially to train listening with positive inspiring from famous people
December 18, 2020