Dia Kovgan
Hey wonderful people! How're u doing? I think it's a good time to learn more languages! What's your native language? And what language u wanna learn?
Dec 18, 2020 7:47 AM
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Hi! I'm Ale from México, I'm looking for someone to practice my english with, I can help you with spanish as well :D
December 18, 2020
Hi Dia, my native language is Dutch and I want to improve my Spanish speaking skills. Have a good day :)
December 18, 2020
My native language is Malayalam, I want to improve my English.Have a good day
January 3, 2021
Hello Dia kovgan it is my WhatsApp number F ‪+91 89044 73683‬
December 18, 2020
hlw this is ashu from indian i would be glad to practice english with you. here this is my skype id live:.cid.a10de1eb52cc55da
December 18, 2020