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Today, December 18th is Arabic language day. Arabic is one of the oldest languages, spoken by many people around the world, particularly in north Africa and the Middle East. Being fluent in three languages makes me aware of what's different and unique about Arabic. Arabic might seem a difficult and complicated language, but it's actually just a detail oriented language. I think languages are the mirror of the culture they represent, Arabic therefore only refers to the History, the culture, the vision and perception of the people who spoke it, to the times when it was a language of science, art and glory. When you think about it, you try to understand it, learn it and speak it, you understand that it's not a complicated language but a language with high sense of precision and authenticity. Arabic literature and poetry particularly are amazing, very expressive and beautiful to hear. I encourage all the people who have thought one day of learning Arabic to take the step and keep their motivation. Speaking a new language gives you a new vision of life. Arabic is for sure, far from the stereotypes, one of the most interesting languages to know. Happy Arabic day to all Arabic speakers around the world!
Dec 18, 2020 1:30 PM
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Absolutely! Thank you for your feedback Mani :)
December 20, 2020
I definitely would like to agree with you. Arabic is the most eloquent language around the world. It could describe the thing very beautifully. I really like this language specially The pronunciation. Whenever I go to pronounce Arabic, I feel my mouth is working very easily.
December 20, 2020