#moreфон2020 Day 18 Favourite band In the first weeks of lockdown in March-April famous singers and music bands began series of live broadcasts with the performance of fan's favourite songs. My favourite band One republic also done series of live broadcasts, where my favourite songs "Counting stars","Rescue me", and new "Better days" were featured. After series of lives, and after presenting audio of "Better days" composition,band in order to make every fan a part of new video to "Better days" new song offered to download short videos about how they spend time in quarantine, how they stay in touch with relatives and friends to Cinebody app.Then videos were collected to one music video clip. I also downloaded video, but it was not included in final variant.But I was so proud when at the beginning of clip I saw my compatriot with so warm "Greetings from Kazakhstan"💜.
Dec 18, 2020 2:44 PM