Hey y'all. Solar day 18/30               A Piece of Cake      I love chocolate. I can't stop eating candies once I start. Yeah... I have a huge sweet tooth. However when I started learning English, I decided to motivate myself. I made the promise to myself that until I became fluent in English I won't eat any chocolate. Now, I haven't eaten chocolate for about 2 years. Sometimes, I have a nightmare where a bar of chocolate is chasing after me.      It's 13:00 a.m. Friday. All my coworkers have started celebrating TGIF. Today we decided to buy a cake. One of my coworkers asked me if I would eat my piece of cake. You know, when it comes to a chocolate cake it's hard to say "NO", but I couldn't give up so easily. I closed my eyes and started counting from one to five. This trick always helps me to put my act together. When I opened my eyes, my plate was empty, and my left hand was smeared with the chocolate. No way…  I feel this sweet taste in my mouth. OH NOOOO. It's the taste of defeat.
Dec 18, 2020 5:45 PM