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Hey guys! How is it going? ☺️ My name's Celeste, I'm from Argentina and I'd love to know what things about my country are you interested about... I started recording a Podcast that Will be available on January... If You have any ideas, things I can add please let me know... Would You like to learn about the accent, about touristic places, football, drinks, food, politics... Let me know un the comments below I Will be glad to know your opinión :) Thank you so much!!!☺❤
Dec 19, 2020 2:31 AM
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Lots of things, to be honest. What about nicknames of Argentinian football teams. Honestly I spent two hours in the Internet trying find out why you call some footballers 'leproso' or 'pinchas'. I would like to know more about Argentinian wines. I opened Malbec several month ago, it is marvellous wine. But I still don't understand much in Argentinian wine. What is Mendoza, what the difference with Patagonian wine? How to do 'asado' en Argentinian way? How can I find your podcast??
December 19, 2020
Hi Celeste, I'd be interested in hearing about the different trends and cultural movement that have occurred over the past few decades. Also classic movies, like los tallos amargos, would be a great topic. I recently watched a movie called Ya tiene comisario el pueblo and although u didn't understand most of it, i did enjoy the songs. Did that movie fall into a certain genre of Argentinian movies?
December 20, 2020
Hi Celeste. Could you do a postcast about argentina's food. Take care. Bye
December 19, 2020