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Parents’ education has a great influence on children. Parents’ words and deeds will influence children’s mental development in subtle ways. Parents’ correct instructions can help people to build a great psychological defense line and help them cope with the crisis freely. Fu Lei’s family letters are sought after by the world because of their honest family style, while Meng Wanzhou is a model of modern family education. Now Meng Wanzhou can look up to her husband’s handsome face, and Ren Zhengfei can finally rest assured. Ren Zhengfei, president of Huawei, worked hard for his career in his early years. Meng Wanzhou has been living in her grandparents’ home in the countryside like a left-behind child. At that time, Ren Zhengfei worked in the army, so he often needed to change his work place, and Meng Wanzhou had to move and transfer to other schools with him many times. However, Ren Zhengfei taught her the principal of “Making heroes through hardships” from her early age, so she never complained about it. After graduating from college, Men Wanzhou successfully entered Huawei, but instead of promoting her identity, she worked hard at grassroots level like an ordinary fresh graduate. She tried the work of front desk, typist and receptionist, and finally she became the chief financial officer of Huawei by virtue of her own strength. While working in Huawei, Meng Wanzhou also met her husband Liu Xiaoding, who was three years younger than herself. He also started from the grassroots level, worked hard step by step, eventually becoming the manager of Huawei subsidiary. At that time, Meng Wanzhou was divorced, and the two often had intersections at work, and they had feelings when they came and went. In 2007, they successfully got married, and gave birth to a daughter. During the special time when Huawei was depressed, Canada tried illegally detain Meng Wanzhou. Liu xiaozong, he received the news, immediately rushed to his wife’s side to accompany
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