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The elderly people percentage in 3 countries from 1940 to 2040 is illustrated in the line graph above.
Overall, one can see that in all the mentioned countries, the old population followed a rising trend throughout the years. In 1940 the country with the most human beings 65 and over was the USA,with nearly 10% proportion, whereas in Sweden elderly made up 7% of the whole population. The least percentage of old people is shown in Japan,it was only 5%.The ageing population in the USA grew steadily and reached 15% in 1980.It is expected to grow in 2040 and have 23% of old people. Sweden’s proportion of elderly went up sharply throughout the years,by having 13% of them in 1980 and it is predicted that the number will be 25% by the year of 2040. Proportion of elderly in Japan was the lowest among all three countries and had less than 5% of aged people, until it’s rapid growth starting from 2000. It is believed that it will reach about 30% of elderly population by 2040.
Jan 27, 2021 7:22 AM
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