Day 7. For some reason, I've got quite a few photos of me balancing, most of which have been taken this year. Here it's the left leg that serves as the support, and the fact that it hasn't been functioning well for a while make the pic precious. A lot of things haven't been functioning well this year (what a wonderful way to connect the photo and the text), it's no secret to anyone, I suppose. And for some of us neither did friendship. I'm convinced that a true friendship can be ruined by no circumstances apart from the natural ones, meaning "going separate ways" with no particular reason. Even the cruellest conditions only make the relationship stronger. The pandemic has sponsored lots of "separate ways" and "particular reasons" to appear, I'm sure, and so has it done with true friendships to strengthen. And I'm grateful. Those go who should go. Or who must:)
Dec 7, 2020 3:51 PM