Day 7. Today I had a lot of work and an Italian lesson so I was pretty busy and my note is going to be short this time. I just want to tell you briefly about yesterday's pub quiz. The game was about music of 90's 🎧 The evening was very nostalgic, we listened to old good music and answered various questions. For example we needed to guess an artist or a band by the lines from their songs or by a fragment of their music videos. In my opinion music of popular MODERN Russian singers (most of them) is pretty bad so it was really cool to recall these old kind songs❤️ Unfortunately, at the end we were only the 2nd but this result is better than on my previous game😅 Who is your favorite singer (or band) from 90's?:)
Dec 7, 2020 7:00 PM
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hi christelle I'm interested to speak with u
December 7, 2020