Day 7 — December, 7th Today I finally delivered that crappy pile of papers I was talking about on Wednesday to where it shoulda been got into😵 I also received positive feedback about the task from SkillBox and Ingate which I did on the latest weekend🙃 Nothing else remarkable happened, so I'd rather share some of my plans. For a long time (more than a week) I've been going to translate a number of topical articles from Medium at the intersection of IT and #sociopolitical agenda, but I still couldn't get around it😩 Moreover, there are other people waiting for me to translate them😲 I promise, as soon as some of them are ready, to devote one of the posts of #moreфон2020 to this subject and bring you all up to date. #moreфон_italki #informationtechnologies #информационныетехнологии #социальнополитическое
Dec 7, 2020 10:49 PM