December the 8th 8/30 On the last Sunday I went for walk to the city center and in one flower store I saw decorated amaryllis bulbs which costed about 100€. The price was enormous because materials for decoration are cheap and even free. I liked that idea and I decided to decorate my own amaryllis bulb. Yesterday I went to a store which sell plants and bought three amaryllis bulb. I paid for it just 3€, then I went back home and in a square near my house I found moss, spruce twigs, cones and rose hips. I took it home and found an old plant pot and started to decorate bulbs. Of course, my bulbs are not so beautiful as those which costs 100€ but my costed just 3€ with my old flower pot, soil and free materials which I could find near my house.
Dec 8, 2020 2:49 PM