The sponsor of today's post is the boyfriend who washed the dishes. 'The boyfriend who washed the dishes - now I have time to write a post!' Today I visited the first mastermind in my life. This is such a modern name for a brainstorm. The topic was the search for my own business and a source of income. As a result, the participants decided that targeting suits me best. I'm not impressed. 😑 Tomorrow I'll go to the second mastermind. 😏 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 8, 2020 3:54 PM
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u r so luky that u have a boyfriend washed the dishes did all boyfriends do that in Russia or that's exception if that how u convinced him to do that and what do you offered to him to do that and ia he do that every time
December 9, 2020
When you say targeting, you mean like in SMM?
December 9, 2020
hi Marma
December 8, 2020
by the way this is my life, I have three children living with me I take care of them for all alone. additionally my needs.
December 9, 2020
December 9, 2020