Certain people reckon that active sports games should be removed from the school educational program. This essay disagrees with the opinion given. Firstly, this essay will discuss the usefulness of team sports for building a strong relationship between children, and secondly, it will discuss the necessity of competitiveness for children’s development. Team sports games are a good way for learning how to interact with people. They learn how to contact other team members in order to achieve common goals. It is hard to deny that children learn best through playing games, so that they can not only keep themselves in a good physical state, but also train their communication skills by participating in such types of sport. In other words, team sport games help youngsters socialize and build effective communications with other social beings. As for individual competitive sports, they are supposed to develop children’s leader features. In addition, students who compete with others have the possibility to follow stronger peers, becoming stronger than they were before. Therefore, if children can use the advantages of competitiveness they can improve themselves not only in sport, but also in a real life. In conclusion, this essay supports the idea that a competitive team and individual sports should stay in the school’s schedule because they are necessary for children’s advanced development. It is believed that the ability to socialize is a crucial skill for living and for being successful. Such games are a decent trainer for forming this skill.
Dec 8, 2020 6:34 PM