Day 8 — December, 8th Another monotonous day passed. What's good — the translation progress is well advanced, the first fruits are gonna appear soon, stay tuned😊 Next, I'll tell you the general news that applies not only to this day. Back at the beginning of the summer, I informally signed up for a #bitrix development project, which was offered to me by a weird teammate from the drama workshop. It took a long time, and finally now we've got a working landscape on Bitrix and can develop it. And it'd seem the powers were initially outlined: this guy takes over the #frontend, and I deals with Bitrix. It'd also seem I looked at its layout, said it was shit, and sent it to be remark up in accordance with my comments. But no, he started introducing his escapades to Bitrix!😳 And then, instead of politely removing the #crutches scattered by him through the code, he began throwing new ones around!😨 And now he also told his friend, who was the mastermind of the project and bought a license for Bitrix, that we'll finish everything before New Year!😠 Dear front-end developers, please don't do such things — it's very annoying and affects the overall #performance in the worst possible way!😡 #morefon_italki #goddamnbitrix #anger #rage #битрикс #фронтэнд #костыли #производительность #чёртовбитрикс #злобыпост #яростипост
Dec 9, 2020 9:13 PM