Day 10/30 Hi everyone! As I wrote few days ago, in school we study online now, because of the COVID-19. I think the distant studying is more worse than our usual education, because now we can't do some very interesting and very important things if our school life. For example, we can't put on plays, we can't act on the school scenes and we can't show our performances to each other. So, it's very sad. In my school we necessarily put on plays about five times a year and we really like it. Sometimes we perform on the school scene, sometimes on the classrooms; sometimes we play with all people from our class, sometimes with people from other classes, sometimes with just few classmates in small groups. It is like a theatrical life during the school year. And I really enjoy it! Also, it is very cool, because in those groups we write a screenplay, direct a performance, choose music and clothes and then play! I think it is great and I hope that normal life (with school performances too) will return as soon as it's possible! Do you like theater? What is a theater in your country? Have you ever taken part in any performances? :) PS: This is a picture of me (and my friend in the background) during our performance in last year, when we put on a play the tragedy 'The Stone Guest' by the great russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
Dec 10, 2020 7:29 PM
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That's cool that you like to perform, I remember I was afraid of stage when I studied
December 10, 2020
I really like the theater! I haven't acted in many plays, but it's very cool. It's sad that you can't act and interact with people like before. And how handsome Ivan in the picture! hahaha.
December 10, 2020
Yeah, I totally agree with your opinion. Also the such education so uncomfortable
December 10, 2020