EN/HU/FR/PL Hi, offering my English and Hungarian for French and Polish what I'm trying to improve. Hopefully soon using all 4 to communicate. Please do check out my profile for more info before writing. Cheers!
Dec 10, 2020 7:55 PM
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Je voudrais aussi practicer... :) (On ne te peut envoyer pas un message seulment si tu est abonné à cette personne. C'est vrai pour moi aussi. )
December 16, 2020
Hi Agnes, Interesting profile! I am learning French and I am sort of between A1 & A2. Also looking for a language partner. We can talk in a mix of French and English. ;) Should we chat some time? Btw..I am from India and will be going to live in Paris from Feb'21. Cheers!
December 11, 2020