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CHE and CHI both translate the English word WHO. Do you know when to use them? "Che" is a relative pronoun, it connects two sentences: La ragazza che sta leggendo è mia sorella (the girl WHO is reading is my sister), The girl is reading, the girl is my sister: the two sentences are put together. "Chi" can be as well used as a relative pronoun if it is meaning someone in general: those people who/ whoever: Chi cerca trova (Those who search, find) OR "chi" can be used as an interrogative pronoun: "Chi è?" (Who is it?), "Chi l'ha detto?" (Who said it?). Did this help you? I hope so! I'm a Tutor on Italki, try a trial class with me if you liked my explanation! Ciao!
Dec 10, 2020 7:59 PM
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