Day 10 Today I got a notification from Italki that said me to write about my favorite YouTube channels. So, here we go. I will write only about one channel - Johnny Harris. That man makes videos for Vox channels, but also makes some video's for own channel. There are several videos that I found absolutely great. I'll leave a link to each video. The first one called "How to remember your life by deleting photos". This video completely changed my approach to saving photos. The second one "How I took a picture of a galaxy". Earlier this video called "How to learn hard skill". This title better suits the video. I completely changed my approach to learning things. The third one called "How to force your to learn stuff". It's great and also heavily affected me. The fourth great video "how the US stole the Middle East." it's a great explanation of what happened in Middle East in the last 80 years. It's amazing.
Dec 10, 2020 8:47 PM