Day 8 #moreфон2020 Suup everyone, recently I scrolled the #moreфон2020 feed and saw a post by one of the participants on the topic of games. I started playing chess this year because my grandfather gave my sister a chess for her birthday. She was interested, but she didn't understand how to play, so I also had to figure it out. I used to think this game was difficult because of the rules, but then somehow it became automatic. To be honest, I like checkers and backgammon more, but now I play chess on weekends with my sister.🏳 What kinda games do you like? What would you like to learn to play? Maybbeee are you a fan of digital games or Tetris? By the way, probably the next post will also be about the game.
Dec 10, 2020 10:19 PM