Nadja Varg
Day 11 of #moreфон2020 Good morning! I'm writing this post in the train on my way to Nizhny Novgorod. I'm going to visit my family 🥰. It's 6:45 now, I had terrible night, so my enthusiasm is only thing that keeps me in good mood (also my antidepressants 😂). Sooo, TV series. It's Friends, of course. X-files, Big Little Lies, Why women kill, Lucifer, Miranda. That was a list of my favorite ones at this moment. I watched tons of series, but now I'm a bit picky. At the moment I'm watching Sex Education and I have a "to watch list" for the future. Some weekends I can spend few hours watching something. Sometimes I watch nothing for couple of months. Some days, but very rarely, I feel like I want to enjoy some cheesy japanese or korean dorama or even anime. That's it. The pic is from Kurshskaya Kosa. That was the first time I enjoyed a vacation all alone. I used to travel alone, but it was just couple of days before a volunteer project starts, where I was surrounded by people. But this year is special, so was that vacation. It's 7:00. 15 minutes for the post, huh.
Dec 11, 2020 4:03 AM