Nadja Varg
Day 12 of #moreфон2020 The topic of the day is "flowers". What can I say? I have an avocado tree, which is higher than I am (I am 1.61m). 2 cacti, a zamioculcas, few other home plants I'm too lazy to google name of 😁 I love flowers, but I prefer food rather than flower bouquet as a present. A can't stand watching flowers die in the vase on my kitchen. This fact doesn't mean that I am ungrateful, that just how I feel about cut flowers. I had a terrible night. In the evening a headache started, but I thought that I'll go to sleep and it ends eventually. What a mistake... In the not of the night I had to take a pill, after which I finally was able to sleep. It's so hard to be me. The pic is from ... Italy? Lichtenstein? Switzerland? Can't say for sure. This was the last photo I planned to post, so today or tomorrow I have to dig up the Google photo albums in order to plan my instagram feed somehow. I write posts every mory, but I have my photo prepared, but unedited.
Dec 12, 2020 5:46 AM