I’d like to share with the insight I had so far . It is so essential to learn financial literacy . Recently have found a YouTube channel called “CNBC Make it” .If you’re an entrepreneur spirit and driven into business/startups explanation you’ll definitely like it . The channel filming headings about people from millennial generation ,the concept is the each character tells how much income he make and how he spends this money .After watching the video you admitting that all up to us and we have so many opportunities nowadays. But I like the way each character tells us about a road he had and difficulties that he had to face with . People in their 20-25 working really hard , don’t looking for any excuses and finding out a way to live their dream life ... I was inspired when noticed that people at 23 saving money for the retirement, learning how to invest money for the long-term benefit and buying rent to Airbnb them . And how fortunate I am to acknowledge these advices in my 18. Things I’m doing so far : Own an online business, tracking my income/outcome and investing in my education. And investing means spending both money and time /hours/eager on learning languages . Guys,what do you know so far about financial literacy ? Perhaps you learn about investing ? I’d like to read some experiences
Feb 12, 2021 6:33 PM