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There are more than 400 persons living in a village, Henan Province, whose surname is 耍(shuǎ) , because the meaning of this character is equivalent to "play" in english, it is unbelievable to some people that this word acts as a surname, and so I do. I watched a episode interviewed by a certain journalist gone to the village. At first, this surname is more rare in China, and it is not one of the various families surnames. Secondly, it is said it has about 400 years long history down now, and their forefathers escaped there because of taking refuge. I felt that one of the villagers' names is very funny, his name is 耍螃蟹, which is "to play crabs" in english if it is translated in english. There are really full of marvelous things in the big world.
Feb 13, 2021 3:42 PM